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June nanshan litchi protect fruit measures


Shenzhen nanshan litchi currently have little finger size, close to mature litchi, because the influence of the weather, and has to drop one-third of fruit. Front period of rain, now the majority of litchi tree shortage.
June litchi protect fruit very period, need to control, red dozen fart worm (one day can eat a few single litchi), rhubarb dozen fart worm (very will eat, don't eat lychee, eat lychee head stems, causing the tender dropped), lousy libo litchi head (important control object).
Two note prevention rain make litchi tree too much water and the lychee blunt fell, pay attention to ditch drains, litchi measures such as wind ring (especially shenzhen big nanshan). The most easily rushed down to several glutinous rice Ci lychee. Each year the lychee mostly litchi Lin drop Ci very pity for glutinous rice,...
Three, litchi tree weight tied tree management measures. More than tree weight, a damage litchi trees, or litchi tree to the ground, torre is litchi black and broken,
Four, litchi growth too close, causing litchi black broken, the excessively dense litchi should remove part, a keep litchi yield not become bad, but also for the next litchi trees blossom bring certain benefits. Lychee tree has a parlance, it is this year the tree litchi too much, next year won't bloom. Many people know litchi points annual and off-year. For maximum yield was very, litchi off-year litchi yield less.
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