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Litchi grafting

1. Grafting time: litchi trees in 20 ~ 30 ℃ next callus growth, high survival rate, grafting healed well. Above 36 ℃ cell activity stagnation, grafting difficult to survive. In September after turn cool temperatures start grafting, until the temperature below 16 ℃ to stop when the grafting.

2. Grafting methods:

1. The cut after law

(1) cut off the ground in stock: stock flat 10 ~ 20 centimeters about 45 ° smooth place, inclined Angle, and then cut off the scions in upper cant along the cortex and xylem junction below the longitudinal cutting down a sword. Cut long shortsighted meet buds length and decide, general 1 ~ 2 cm.

(2) cut the branches of the scion: flat side down, in YaYan next 1 ~ 1.5 centimeters inclined cut a sword, forward 45 ° Angle cant be. Then, in YaYan scion flip, will be cut to the cortex, pushing forward to smooth, slightly.. noodles with xylem, stock and.. noodles long, etc.. noodles outlooking scion leave 1 ~ 2 bud cut off. Then put meet buds into stocks within.

(3) tied with tied with film plunge: plunge.

2, improvement cut after method. Improved pick method, also called cut suckers docking method.

(1) cut off the ground root stock: in 20 cm high stock about 45 ° Angle oblique whittled away in upper, then stock below oblique mouth along the cortex and xylem junction longitudinal cutting down a knife, cut long shortsighted and decide, scion of length 2 to 2.5 cm commonly.

(2) cut the branches buds scion: cutting a knife, upward inclined cut off the petiole ° Angle of 60 and assumes without hurting and YaYan. Cant long 1 ~ 2 centimeters, 1 ~ 1.5 cm long scion of a sword against cutting back ° Angle of 45, maintain and then put. Single buds into Y stick on stocks (after.

(3) tied with tied with film plunge: plunge.

3, the patch YaJie method.

(1) cut off the ground in stock: stock 15 ~ 20 centimeters, choose bark smooth place open bud bits. Bud bits into tongue shape, size and length. Larger than buds tablet Then from tips will tear down, provoking cortex and cut off, leaving a small portion of the base for clip put buds piece section.

(2) : choose a scion to cut the branches of already woodiness biennial a scion sought for. The YaYan full bud cut out, even woodiness 2 ~ 3 cm long, wide 1 ~ 1.2 cm in bud, buds, remove xylem between slices, then take root stock bud bud slices in throne.

(3) tied film: use film bottom-up tied pitcher. YaYan place leave pores, facilitate new shoots grow.

4, tongue meet method.

(1) the root stock: root seedlings cut the top of 1 ~ 2 times sought to cut, cut FuYe mouth next leaving 1 ~ 2 films, in mouth, with the sword cut near a 30 ° up into 4 centimeters long inclined cut again on the inclined cant 1/3 point longitudinal cut a sword, deep about 2 cm.

(2) cut each segment of the scion scion: 3 ~ 4 cm, with 2 buds, base cut method with the root stock. Joints to note alignment cambium. If stocks, as desirable scion degree while procambium alignment.

(3) tied with film take bottom-up plunge: earthbind pitcher. YaYan place micro leave gaps, facilitate ventilation and new shoots grow.

5, then management

(1) fill after connect: after one month, check whether survived the bright green, buds, namely survive. Don't survive for immediately pick.

(2) erase anvil bud: for with grafting bud bud anvil nutrient affect the grafting buds grow, often should take root buds erased.

(3) solution tied: grafts take embryonic, the first new shoots after the old familiar, binding film released.

(4) water management: litchi seedlings was once before, and each tip with thin manure fat, the best. Note drainage water.

(5) control pest: every time should be sought after smoke spray 1 ~ 2 times 90% between 800 times liquid or 40% dimethoate (1000 times liquid prevention lychee as and curl mite, 2001-2003 hazards.

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